5 Useful Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Cremations

Talking to kids about death can be a real challenge. And it can be even more challenging than usual when a loved one dies and the plan is for them to be cremated. There are a lot of adults who are still trying to wrap their heads around cremations and what they entail. So you can only imagine the thoughts that might go through the mind of a child when they hear that their loved one is going to be cremated. Here are 5 tips that’ll help you talk with your kids about cremation.

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Be as direct as you can be.

A lot of parents beat around the bush when they’re talking to their kids about death and cremation, in particular. They don’t want to make their kids cry, so they try to explain death and cremation in vague and sometimes confusing terms. Don’t do this. Be direct instead and tell your kids that their loved one has died and that they are going to be cremated.

Explain what the cremation process is.

Once you’ve told your kids that their loved one is going to be cremated, walk them through the cremation process and let them know what it is. You don’t necessarily have to share every last detail. But you should explain cremation so that your kids aren’t left to imagine what it must be like on their own. Stay away from using any terms that could potentially alarm your child, but make sure they understand what cremation is and, maybe more importantly, what it isn’t (mention that there is no fire involved!).

Talk about why your loved one wanted to be cremated.

Your loved one probably had a good reason for wanting to be cremated. Maybe they didn’t like the idea of being buried forever. Or maybe their religious beliefs led to them choosing cremation in Rockford, IL. Whatever the case, share the reason behind your loved one’s cremation with your kids. It’ll show them that arranging for a cremation is what your loved one wanted.

Answers questions your child might have.

Your kids will, no doubt, have a million and one questions about cremation for you. Regardless of how good of a job you may have done explaining it, there will inevitably be parts that confuse them. Prepare to answer each and every question they have as best you can.

Let your child know they can come to you with any other concerns.

Don’t make your initial discussion with your kids about cremation the only one you have. Let your kids know that they can come back to you at any time with other questions or concerns about cremation that they might have. Your goal as a parent should be to be there for kids whenever they need you to explain something further. It’ll help them come to terms with your loved one’s decision to be cremated.

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