A Guide to Cremations Terminology

The terminology of cremations in Belvidere, IL can seem daunting if you have not heard it before. This guide provides the most common terms and their definitions that you’ll hear when you’re discussing cremations with your funeral home.

cremations in Belvidere, IL

Cemetery – A niche, crypt, or grave.

Columbarium – A structure that is built with compartments (called niches) to hold cremains that are in urns. The columbarium may be a free-standing outdoor structure or it may be located within a mausoleum.

Cremains – The shortened form of cremated remains. Refers to the bone fragments that are left after the cremation process is finished.

Cremation – The process of disposing of human remains via high heat, evaporation, and open flames (this usually takes two to three hours) and then pulverizing the bone fragments that are left down to a consistency of sand.

Crypt – A designated area inside a mausoleum or other building that holds cremated or whole human remains.

Disposition – Placement of remains in their final resting place.

Entombment – Burial of cremated or whole human remains inside a mausoleum.

Funeral Ceremony – A service, with the body present, that memorializes the person who has died.

Funeral Services – The comprehensive group of services that a funeral home provides, including helping the family with funeral planning; transporting, embalming, and refrigerating remains; obtaining death certificates; preparing and filing death notices; obtaining all required authorizations and permits; and coordinating funeral processes with cemeteries, crematories, churches, etc.

Grave – A plot in a cemetery where human remains will be buried.

Grave Liner or Outer Container – A concrete cover that is put over a casket inside a grave. Some grave liners cover only the tops and sides of the casket, while other liners (such as vaults, defined below) enclose the casket entirely. Grave liners are required by most cemeteries because they keep the ground, which can be shifted by the heavy equipment used in cemeteries, from sinking or caving in.

Graveside Service – A service held at the site of the grave in the cemetery to memorialize the deceased and to commit their body to the ground. This service is held just before burial.

Interment – Burial of the deceased, which may be in the ground, in an urn, or inside a mausoleum.

Inurnment – Putting cremated remains inside an urn.

Mausoleum – A building specifically designed for burial of human remains.

Memorial Service – A service or ceremony, without the body present, that honors the memory of someone who has died.

Memorial Societies – Consumer organizations (also known as funeral consumer alliances) that provide general information about funerals and disposition. Memorial societies are not part of the state-regulated funeral industry.

Niche – A small compartment located inside a columbarium, mausoleum, or niche wall that is designed to hold an urn with cremated remains. Small gravestones cover the niche once the remains have been placed inside.

Urn – A container that is specifically created to hold cremated remains. Cremated remains are put into a plastic bag before they are placed in an urn. Urns can be stored in a columbarium or mausoleum, or they can be buried in a cemetery plot or an urn garden.

Urn Vault – A grave liner that entirely encases an urn.

Vault – A grave liner in which a casket is completely encased.

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