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For funeral services before cremations in Byron, IL, flowers will be an integral part of the expression of loss, sympathy, comfort and support both for the deceased and for the grieving family. 

There are specific guidelines for choosing flowers to send to a funeral. Flowers can be uplifting because of their beauty and they can be comforting to the family who has lost a loved one.  

Traditionally, the deceased’s family sends the casket spray (in the deceased’s favorite color and/or type of flower), which is laid on top of the casket, Extended family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins send standing sprays (these are floral arrangements that are placed on an upright stand). 

Friends and distant family give more informal flower arrangements or plants. These can be delivered to the funeral home, or they can be given directly to the family of the deceased. Social and business acquaintances of the deceased can send flowers or plants to the home. Some businesses will send flowers to their employee who has lost a loved one, and traditionally, those are sent to the employee’s home. 

Religious and cultural association also plays a role in the type funeral flowers that are sent.  

For those with a Protestant association, you can either send flowers and plants or a sympathy card to the funeral or to the home of the deceased’s family. It is common now for families to ask for charitable donations instead of flowers (if this is the case, please honor their requests because family and close family will still provide flowers for the casket and funeral service). 

For people with a Catholic association, it is customary for friends and family to send somber flowers to the funeral home or to the home of the deceased’s family. 

Flowers are not appropriate for funerals where the family have a Jewish association (nor should you send them to Shiva, the sitting period after the deceased is buried). Instead, consider a charitable donation or planting a tree in memory of the deceased. 

White flowers are traditional in Buddhist funerals. They are considered to be a sign of mourning. Red flowers should not be sent, because they are considered to be in poor taste. 

In Hindu funerals, no flowers or gifts are given by mourners to show sympathy or provide comfort. However, there may be funeral garlands or sprays in the casket. 

In Asian funerals, appropriate funeral flowers include white or yellow mums and yellow or wite chrysanthemums. 

Before sending flowers to a Muslim funeral, ask the deceased’s family what they want. Some Muslims prefer simplicity and deem funeral flowers as being extravagant. Other Muslims welcome funeral flowers as part of the funeral service. 

For people with a Mormon association, flowers for the funeral are entirely appropriate and sending them is encouraged. However, be careful to make sure that flower arrangements don’t make any kind of representation of the cross. 

The most popular types of funeral flowers and their symbolism include peace lilies (a plant), lilies (purity and innocence), orchids (everlasting love), carnations (love and remembrance), roses (love), and chrysanthemums (mourning and grief). 

The card sent with the flowers should be short and a message of sympathy, consolation, and support. 

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