Here’s How 5 of the World’s Major Religions Feel About Cremations

Cremations are on the rise these days, and there are many reasons for it. Some people are choosing to have cremation in Rockford, IL performed rather than a traditional burial because of cost concerns. Others are doing it because they don’t like the idea of being buried in the ground. And there are even some people doing it to save their families from having to plan out an elaborate funeral service and burial.

cremation in Rockford, IL

But one of the biggest reasons cremation is more popular than ever before is because many of the world’s major religions have finally come around to it. Let’s take a look at how 5 major religions feel about cremation as of right now.


For years, the Catholic Church was steadfastly against cremation services. They required all Catholics to be buried at the time of their death. But about 50 years ago, the Catholic Church changed its tune. They would prefer for Catholics to be entombed or buried when they die, but they’ve started to allow for them to be cremated after funeral services are complete.


Many conservative factions of Protestantism would prefer for people to be buried rather than cremated when they die. But for a long time now, Protestant churches have actually been fairly neutral on the subject of cremation. They haven’t come out and shown support for it, but they also haven’t condemned it and asked people not to be cremated.


While Catholics and Protestants have gotten on board with cremation, the majority of the Jewish faith is still not supportive of it. Traditional Jewish law doesn’t allow for cremation and requires that those who practice Judaism be buried. Jewish laws are also against embalming since it slows the decomposition process down.


There are some Jewish people, especially those who don’t practice their faith much anymore, who have started to come around to cremation. But the same can’t be said for those of the Islamic faith. Islam strictly forbids people from taking advantage of cremation services. Muslims must be buried as quickly as possible following their deaths without embalming.


There aren’t many religions that require followers to use cremation at the time of their death. But Hinduism is one of them. People who practice Hinduism have no choice but to be cremated when they die. Hundis believe that, when their bodies are cremated, their bodies are presented as gifts to Agni, who is the Hindu god of fire. They also believe that cremation detaches the subtle body from the gross body. The only people who don’t have to be cremated in the Hindu faith are those who are saints and holy men or children.

If your religion accepts cremation as a viable option, Collins & Stone Funeral Home would love to talk to you more about it. We can also help with traditional burials and other funeral arrangements in Rockford. Give us a call at (815) 965-1515 today or pay us a visit at 128 S 5th St, Rockford, IL 61104.

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