A Guide to Cremations Terminology

The terminology of cremations in Belvidere, IL can seem daunting if you have not heard it before. This guide provides the most common terms and their definitions that you’ll hear when you’re discussing cremations with your funeral home. Cemetery – A niche, crypt, or grave. Columbarium – A structure that is built with compartments (called […]

A Worldwide Tour of Funeral Museums

When you’re planning Byron, IL cremations, it’s interesting to know that death, funeral processes, and funeral rituals have been around since humans have been around. There are museums around the world specifically dedicated to preserving the history surround funerals. While touring these museums may not be on everyone’s bucket list, they are still fascinating to […]

Where Funeral Technology is Going in the Future

Modern Marengo, IL cremations have kept pace with technology to the point that cremations today are nothing like they were fifty or a hundred years ago. Nor are how the cremains are used, with the advent of cremains jewelry and columbariums and urn gardens, to name a few. And, while many cremations in the past […]

Contemporary Inspirational Music for Funerals

When selecting music for funerals at funeral homes in Freeport, IL, you may opt for traditional hymns or for well-known classical pieces of music. However, there are many contemporary songs that are inspirational and that can add just the right note to the funeral service. Songs about loss and love have always been part of […]

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