Steps to Take After A Loved One Dies

Contacting South Beloit, IL funeral homes is one of the steps that should be taken after a loved one dies. But there are other things that should be done first.

The first step after a loved one dies is to obtain a legal pronouncement of death. If the death happened in a hospital, the medical staff there will do this. However, if a loved one died at home and was not under hospice care, then 911 should be notified. If a loved one was in hospice care at home, then the hospice care agency should be called.

If a loved one was an organ donor and died in the hospital, then let the hospital know immediately, since organ donations usually take 24-48 hours to arrange and the body needs immediate attention to ensure the viability of the organs. If a loved one was an organ donor and died at home, but was not under hospice care, call the closest hospital to let them know and let first responders know as well. If the loved one was in hospice care at home and was an organ donor, let the hospice nurse know.

The next step is to notify immediate family and close friends of the death. The most personal way to do this is with phone calls, although some families are okay with texts or emails. Divvy up the calls among the family members who are there when the loved one has died. Refrain from announcing the death on social media until all people who need to know about the death have been notified personally.

If a loved one died in a hospital, the hospital will arrange transportation to the funeral home. If a loved one died at home, but wasn’t in hospice care, the body will most likely be taken to the hospital, where transportation to the funeral home will by arranged by hospital personnel. If the body isn’t taken to the hospital, emergency personnel will help make arrangements for the body to be transported to the funeral home. If a loved one died at home and was in hospice care, the hospice nurse will contact the funeral home to transport the body.

The next step when a loved one dies is to make sure pets and dependents, if applicable, are taken care of. Usually, family members will step in and make sure that all dependents and pets have a place to stay temporarily until long-term plans can be made.

If a loved one lived alone, make sure all property such as the home and any vehicles are securely locked. If possible, have a family member or close friend stay at the home so that it’s not vacant until a time when decisions can be made about what to do with the property (keep it or sell it).

If a loved one who has died was still employed, make sure to notify the employer’s Human Resources department to let the employer know of the death. Don’t forget to ask about any pay still owed, benefits, and life insurance.

Once you’ve taken care of immediate things after death, contact South Beloit, IL funeral homes. Our compassionate and experienced team at Collins & Stone Funeral Home is here to help. You can visit us at our funeral home at 128 S 5th Street, Rockford, IL 61104, or you can call us today at (815) 965-1515.

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