What is Inurnment?

After cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Rockford, IL, the cremation remains will be put into a container and given to the family. This is known as inurnment.

cremation services offered in Rockford, IL

However, inurnment may happen several times with cremation remains. If the family wants to choose a urn to place the cremation remains in to either store in a columbarium niche or to bury in a cemetery, but don’t have the urn after the cremation process is finished, then their loved one’s cremation remains will be placed in a simple container to give back to the family.

Once the family has purchased the urn they want, then the cremation remains of their loved one will be removed from the container and placed in the urn. This is also inurnment.

If the family chooses a cemetery plot, urn garden, or a columbarium niche as the final resting place for the urn, this is also considered inurnment.

The initial inurnment of cremation remains is done by the crematorium after the cremation has taken place. The crematorium will then either return the cremation remains of your loved one to you or to the funeral home. If you’ve ordered an urn and it hasn’t arrived yet, you can request that the funeral home keep your loved one’s cremation remains until the urn arrives and then have them place the cremation remains into the urn.

However, if you choose to do the inurnment yourself, perhaps in a keepsake box that’s been in the family for years (for example, a jewelry box or a humidor), you can have the crematorium return the cremation remains of your loved one directly to you.

If the funeral home does the inurnment of your loved one’s cremation remains from the temporary container supplied by the crematorium into the permanent urn that you’ve chosen to use, they can also take care of the final resting place inurnment at a cemetery or in a columbarium niche.

When you get your loved one’s cremation remains from the crematorium or the funeral home, they will be in a sealed plastic bag that is placed inside a cardboard or plastic container. Some people decide to make this container the permanent urn, but others choose to have a different container as the permanent urn. Either selection is acceptable for inurnment.

If you’re going to scatter some of the cremation remains of your loved one and store the rest in an urn, then you’ll need to put the remainder of the cremation remains that aren’t scattered in another sealed plastic bag. Once the sealed plastic bag is placed into the urn, there is no reason to have the urn itself sealed.

However, if you decide you decide you want the urn sealed, you can use silicone caulk to as an easy-to-remove seal if you ever decide to open the urn in the future.

Typically, vase-shaped urns open from the top (they have either a lid that rests on top of the vase opening or a screw-on lid) while rectangular-shaped urns open from the bottom (by unscrewing the bottom panel).

No matter what method of inurnment you choose for your loved one’s cremation remains, there are very simple ways to make sure that your loved one’s final resting place is exactly as they and you desire.

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