Why Preplanning Your Funeral Matters

Preplanning your funeral at funeral homes in South Beloit, IL is not something most people want to think or talk about, much less do. Facing mortality is tough, but the reality is that someday, somewhere, somehow we all will take one final breath and we will be no more. 

Planning your funeral in advance of your death takes a lot of stress off your loved ones as they are coping with the emotional stress of a loss, an absence, and a void that will never be filled again. There can be as many as 125 things that must be done between the time that someone dies and the time of their final disposition.  

Your family won’t have much time to make arrangements, and it will be much harder for them if they don’t know what you would have wanted. They’ll have to answer questions about cremation or burial. Did you want a visitation and funeral service, no visitation and funeral service, or no visitation and no funeral service? Are you a military veteran? Did you want a military honors funeral with burial in a national cemetery? If they think you may have wanted a service, would you have wanted a funeral service or a memorial service? Who would you want to oversee the service? What would you want read or said and by whom? What music would you want to have played? 

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of questions that your family will have to deal with in order to make arrangements for your cremation or burial if you don’t preplan your funeral. You can see why preplanning your funeral will take a heavy burden off the loved ones you leave behind. 

While preplanning your funeral doesn’t necessarily mean prepaying for your funeral, it can mean that you have insurance purchased to cover your funeral costs. The policy will be used by the funeral home to cover expenses, so that your family doesn’t have to worry about financial obligations. If you have a life insurance policy, a portion of it can be used to pay funeral expenses as well. 

When preplanning your funeral, sit down with your closest family members and talk about your wishes with them. In fact, someone can even type it up and print it (be sure to keep with your important papers, whether that’s in a home safe or a bank safety deposit box, and make sure at least one other family member knows where they are and has access to them). 

Decide whether you want to be cremated or buried. If you want to be cremated, decide whether you want a funeral service before cremation or a memorial service after cremation. For burials, if you’re a qualified military veteran, you are entitled to certain VA funeral benefits, including burial in a national cemetery. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick a burial location. 

If you want a funeral service, decide who should oversee it (typically a pastor or a close friend). List what you would like read and said as part of the service. Include the music you would like played during the service. 

If you choose burial, decide if you want a graveside service. Choose the type of gravestone or maker that you would like to have (spouses often get double gravestones and buy two cemetery plots together, so they’re buried together – the engraver will update the gravestone when the remaining spouse dies) and what you want to include on it. 

For more assistance with preplanning funerals at funeral homes in South Beloit, IL, our caring and knowledgeable staff at Collins & Stone Funeral Home is here to help. You can come to see us at our funeral home at 128 S 5th Street, Rockford, IL 61104, or you can contact us today at (815) 965-1515.  

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